Lab Manual (Term Lists/ White Sheets)

To Buy:

You can purchase a 182-page, bound, color copy of the Human Anatomy Laboratory Manual, containing all “term lists/ white sheets”, extra images and study tools, and a table of contents, at the SLCC bookstore. The “white sheet terms lists” are the anatomy terms that you are tasked to learn and will be tested from.


For Free:

You can download/print off the same “term lists/ white sheets” below (without the extra study aids or diagrams).
Note:  Some of the lists may need to be printed in color, in order to see the images.

“term lists/ white sheets”-the anatomy terms that you learn and will be tested from

ACTIVITY    (All term lists/ white sheets updated Fall 2020 semester) 
1. Orientation and Anatomical Terms  
2. Histology and Integument

3. Axial Skeleton
4. Appendicular Skeleton
5. Appendicular Muscles
6. Axial Muscles   
7. Nervous System I: Brain and Cranial Nerves
8. Nervous System II: Spinal Cord, Spinal Nerves, Eye and Ear
9. Blood and Heart
10. Vessels and Circulation
11. Respiratory and Digestive Systems
12. Urinary and Reproductive Systems