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Below, you will find various study aides designed to help you in your journey learning anatomy. While every effort has been put forth to ensure accuracy, there might be mistakes. Please utilize the feedback page to make us aware of the error so we may fix it.

Comprehensive List of Anatomy Study Resources: 

**NEW** a complete, alphabetized word bank of terms for the Human Anatomy Lab to use on your quizzes and a great tool to check your spelling!

  • Don’t forget that some (new) textbooks come with a subscription and access code to Anatomy and Physiology Revealed, a virtual cadaver dissection experience. Look in the end pages of your text for access or go here. If you have a used text, you can buy access.
  • A resource available through our SLCC Library, Anatomy TV, a digital study tool with 3D modeling. 
  • Check the ANATOMY LINKS for online sites that provide review diagrams, tutorials, etc. that can be used to prepare at home for the laboratory practical exams.
  • If you’d like a quality, inexpensive Human Anatomy Atlas, consider this one. We have some of these in the labs so you can look through and see if you’d like to purchase one.
  • SLCC Anatomy has a Quizlet (lab aide created)
  • Online Tutorials for Laboratory Practical Review (username: slcc  password: anatomy)
  • Helpful online tutorials and quizzes are available at
  • If you’d like some extra practice, consider P.A.L. 3.0. It’s an online site with histology photos, cadaver photos, model photos (each labeled and unlabeled). It has quizzing and fill-in-the-blank practical-type tests. You can do a tour if you’re interested in checking it out before purchasing. Alternately, there is a DVD available here.

Online Facebook Anatomy Study Group – led by lab aides! 

Lab and lecture study guide with key. (lab aide created)

  • Models available for study outside of lab:

    • List of models available on Redwood and Jordan campus libraries for study.
    • List of models available on South City campus library for study.
    • The Dumke STEM Center at the Redwood campus also has models available for study.

Anatomic Terms:

Activity 1 Video Playlist:



Activity 2 Video Playlist:


Skeletal System:

Activity 3 Video Playlist:


Activity 4 Video Playlist:



Activity 5 (3D app) Video Playlist:


Activity 5 (cadaver) Videos: See ‘Restricted Content’, password required

Activity 6 (3D app) Video Playlist:


Activity 6 (cadaver) Videos: See ‘Restricted Content’, password required

Nervous System:

  • Printable Nerves and Nerve Plexus function flashcards (lab aide created)
  • Labeled Nervous System Models (lab aide created)
  • Truly wonderful link to the 3D Brain site, with great structure and function information on most sections of the brain.
  • Want to make a brain hat? Here’s the link
  • Video of dissection of the sheep brain. (instructor created)
  • Video of aide description of human brain model. 
  • Video of cow eye dissection. (instructor created)
  • Video of aide description of Cranial Nerves mnemonic and model.

Activity 7 Video Playlist: *Disclaimer: Table 7-10 on the model incorrectly identifies cranial nerve 11 (they are directly superior to the first and second cervical nerves being pointed out)


Activity 8 Video Playlist:



  • Pig heart dissection photos (labeled and unlabeled)

Activity 9 Video Playlist:



Digestive System:

  • Labeled Digestive System Models (lab aide created)

Activity 11 (Digest) Video Playlist:


Respiratory System:

  • Labeled Respiratory System trachea Model (lab aide created)

Activity 11 (Resp) Video Playlist:


Urinary System:

  • Labeled Urinary System Models (lab aide created)

Activity 12 Video Playlist:


Reproductive System:

Activity 12 Video Playlist: