Lab Manual and White Sheet Terms Lists

You can purchase a 182-page, bound, color copy of the Human Anatomy Laboratory Manual, containing all white sheet terms lists, extra images and study tools, and a table of contents, at the SLCC bookstore.

OR you can print off WHITE SHEET TERMS LISTS (without study aids or diagrams) below, before each laboratory activity.
Note:  Some of the lists will need to be printed in color, in order to see the images.


ACTIVITY    (All white sheet lists updated Fall 2020 semester) 
1. Orientation and Anatomical Terms  
2. Histology and Integument

Note: Click here for a complete, printable set of the histology packet images and descriptions used in lab. We suggest arranging double-sided (with description on one side and image on the other so that you can use them like flashcards).

3. Axial Skeleton
4. Appendicular Skeleton (and long bone dissection)
5. Appendicular Muscles
 Axial Muscles   
7. Nervous System I: Brain and Cranial Nerves (and sheep brain dissection)
8. Nervous System II: Spinal Cord, Spinal Nerves, Eye and Ear
9. Blood and Heart (and heart dissection)  
10. Vessels and Circulation
11. Respiratory and Digestive Systems
12. Urinary and Reproductive Systems