The below slideshows are being updated onto Google Slides and can be saved and viewed offline. For the slideshows, click on the title to download to your computer.  Click on the image to play the presentation through the Slideshare website.  

Activity 1 – Introduction and Anatomical Terms (updated Fall20)

Activity 2 – Histology and Integument (updated Fall20)

Activity 3 – Axial Skeleton (updated Fall20)

Activity 4 – Appendicular Skeleton (updated Fall20)

Activity 5/6 – Appendicular and Axial Muscles (new, updating in progress) The slideshow below gives a complete look at the muscles of the body. There are more muscles in this slideshow than are listed in your lab manual/term lists. You are only tasked with learning the muscles in those lists for lab.


Activity 5-6 – Appendicular and Axial Muscles (old)

Activity 7 – Brain and Cranial Nerves


Activity-11-Respiratory and Digestive Systems

Activity 12 – Urinary and Reproductive Systems