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  • Click on ‘Lab Manual and White Sheet Handouts’ above for specific lists of the structures that you are responsible for knowing on the laboratory quizzes and practical exams. You should PREVIEW and BRING YOUR MANUAL OR WHITE SHEET HANDOUT FOR THE APPROPRIATE ACTIVITIES TO LAB EACH WEEK.
  • The ‘PowerPoint Slides’ on the link above are provided for student guidance only and are not meant to be inclusive of all material for any topic. The PowerPoints are great for previewing or reviewing the laboratory material.
  • The ‘Prosections’ link has a digital database of labeled cadaver prosection photos from all cadavers in Human Anatomy Labs on SLCC campuses.  You will need to obtain the password for this protected page from your lecture or laboratory instructor.
  • The ‘Calendar‘ link above has has the weekly calendar and will tell you the specific Activities we will be covering in lab each week.  Lab DOES meet the first week of classes.
  • The ‘Links/Videos‘ tab has study material that may be helpful to you.